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Welcome to my website! This website is primarily about the genealogy of Gontz family that is mostly located in the Central Pennsylvania area. I also currently have genealogy information and databases for the Brindle, Divelbiss, Gruver, and Starliper families that I am related to. (See below.)

If you have any information that you wish to contribute please use the Contact Form to get in touch with me! Also, please feel free to send me questions.

Gontz - Gans / Ganß / Gantz Family

This database primarily contains the descendants of immigrant Frederick Gantz (Johann Friedrich Gantz). However, it also includes the descendants of George Gantz (Georg Ganß) and various other Gantz families. I began this site in search for my Gontz (yes, notice the o instead of the a) ancestors and found that John Frederick Gantz who immigrated from Germany in 1774 as Friederich Gantz was the grandfather of the first Gontz (with an o) in my line.

I try to enter all Gantz that I come across so that I may help others in researching their Gantz line AND who knows they may actually have been related somehow back in the motherland!

Link to database: http://www.gontzfamily.org/genealogy/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=gontzfamily

Gruver - Gruber Family

This database primarily contains members of one of the Gruver (Gruber) families of York County, Pennsylvania.

Possible alternate spellings of Gruber and Gruver: Gruber, Groober, Grueber, Grube, Graber, Garber, Gruver, Groover, Grove, Grover, Gerver, Garver

Link to database: http://www.gontzfamily.org/genealogy/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=gruverfamily

Divelbiss - Devibiss Family

Link to database: http://www.gontzfamily.org/genealogy/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=divelbissfamily

Brindle Family

Link to database: http://www.gontzfamily.org/genealogy/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=brindlefamily

Starliper Family

Link to database: http://www.gontzfamily.org/genealogy/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=starliperfamily